Portuguese Football Podcast Episode 1

So, I did a thing.

I’ve always loved Portuguese football, and I’ve been wanting to make a podcast for a while, so I figured why not mix the two.

I begin the pod with a slight introduction of who I am and why you should listen to me babble about Portuguese football.

The topic which gets the most attention in the pod is the situation surrounding FC Porto’s vacant manager position, why Nuno Espirito Santo got sacked after a season and who is best positioned to replace him.

We then move on to talk about the final of the Taça de Portugal, how Raul Jimenez somehow always manages to score when it matters and a reaction to the squad called up by Fernando Santos for the Confederations Cup.

Idea for the podcast came from the Spanish Football Podcast, hosted by the brilliant Sid Lowe of the Guardian and Phil Kitromilidis of Real Madrid TV. Catch their pod on iTunes and support them over at patreon.com/tsfp.

The inspiration for the intro comes from the Big Soccer Head Podcast, which uses a similar style of radio calls on important goals. Special thanks to Eric Krakaur, who hosts the BigSoccerHead pod and taught me a lot about being a soccer journalist. Listening to his pod has inspired me to make my own and I will certainly be picking his brain in the future. Go listen to the pod on iTunes.

Finally, the cover art of both the first episode of the pod and of this post was taken from ForaDeJogo, a brilliant blog on Portuguese football. Find them at foradejogo08.blogspot.com and on Twitter @ForaDeJogo.

Any feedback is welcome. My eternal thanks to anyone who listens to this.

Follow @briannnnf on Twitter for hot takes, poor attempts at humor and for the occasional pick-me-up. Email him at brianfilipefonseca@gmail.com with questions, concerns, story ideas or compliments.


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